Sugar Hill Elementary

An All Pro Dad's Day chapter in Sugar Hill, GA


We are a group of Dad's dedicated to strengthening our relationship with our kids and the community. We are also there to support our kids school at different events and projects. We serve Elementary grades. Our team captain at Sugar Hill Elementary School is Ray Souza and co-Captain Marcos Bolton. We also have a bunch of other Dads serving in the APD Leadership Team.

If you have any question or comments or would like to know when our next meeting is, please use the contact form on this page.

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Jan 11, 7:00 AM

Breakfast RSVP Requested

Come join your kids for an All Pro Dad Breakfast at the school. The Breakfast will consist of table activities, a raffle, and a unified theme. Breakfast will be Dunkin' Donuts.

Cost is $5 per household. Bring cash...

939 Level Creek Rd., Sugar Hill, GA, 30518

Questions about an upcoming meeting, location or anything else related to the Sugar Hill Elementary chapter? Use this form to get in touch with the Team Captain.


939 Level Creek Rd., Sugar Hill, GA, 30518