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The Leila G. Davis Elementary Chapter of All Pro Dad is a breakfast gathering of Adults (Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, but primarily dads) and their children. The focus is to encourage a strong relationship between a family male role model and their kids. Meeting once a month for an hour, every third Friday of the month, Dads get a chance to share breakfast, share how proud they are of their kids, have conversations around some key topics with them and enjoy a free raffle. Please RSVP for the next coming breakfast, and enjoy All Pro Dad Dad's Day!

Contact your local Team Captain, John Varlese at [email protected], if you have any questions or concerns

Hope to see you there!

More resources at: www.AllProDad.com

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Mar 22, 7:45 AM

Breakfast Sponsored by: Safety Harbor McDoanld's (2454 McMullen Booth Rd) (727) 754-2860

Perseverance: Everyone is going to face challenges in their life, even our kids. Perseverance is never giving up. It's not being stopped by a bad outcome...

2630 Landmark Drive, Clearwater , FL, 33761

Questions about an upcoming meeting, location or anything else related to the Leila Davis Elementary School chapter? Use this form to get in touch with the Team Captain.


2630 Landmark Drive, Clearwater , FL, 33761