Rea View Elementary

Waxhaw, NC

Past Meeting

Mar 24 at 6:45 AM

320 Reid Dairy Road, Waxhaw, NC, 28173

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What: 4th All Pro Dad Breakfast Meeting Where: In the cafeteria When: Friday, 03/24 starting at 6:45 AM Here are a few reminders: Upon arrival with your Rea View child, head towards the cafeteria. In the check-in line, just place a check mark beside your name, take 1 raffle ticket for your family, put on the Rea View Visitor sticker, and proceed to the 2 cafeteria lines. Please take only 1 cinnamon roll per child and 1 bagel and 1 piece of fruit (ALL FREE). Find a table, meet other Dads (and their kids), and talk with your kids until the program starts at 7:00 AM. We will end close to 7:25 AM and you will asked to walk your child(ren) to their classroom. Give them a hug or a high-five, tell them to have a good day and that you love them!

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