Plato Academy St Petersburg, Florida

An All Pro Dad's Day chapter in St. Petersburg, FL


St Petersburg, PLATO Academy All Pro Dads has been established at our campus since it opened in 2013. As our school grows in population and our children grow in age finding "special" time with them continues to be of the utmost importance. Our All Pro Dads Chapter fosters an environment for all family members to get involved in our many events throughout the year. Whether its our Dads Day Breakfast, Bi-annual sporting events or the exceedingly popular annual camping trip these events are outstanding memories that will last a lifetime!
We thank so many Dads and Father Figures alike who support the children they love and care for every day and we hope to see you at as many of our events as possible.
Have a successful school year!
Jim & Eric

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Our chapter hasn't scheduled any upcoming meetings yet. Please check back again soon.

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3901 B Park Street North, St. Petersburg, FL, 33709