Mintonye Elementary School

An All Pro Dad's Day chapter in Lafayette, IN


We are a group of dads dedicated to strengthening our relationship with our kids and we would love for you to join us. We meet at Mintonye Elementary on the second school Friday of each month. The meeting dates for the 2017-2018 school year are loaded on the All Pro Dad website.

Our team captains are Lance Kannal and Keith DeVault.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact form on this page or talk with us at one of our meetings.

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Large moms day


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Dec 8, 8:00 AM

Big Idea: The world is full of knowledge waiting to be discovered. Isn’t it rewarding when we find the freedom to wonder, explore, and feed our curious spirit? The possibilities are endless, and the method is simple: to discover is to...

2000 West 800 South, Lafayette, IN, 47909
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Jan 19, 8:00 AM

Big Idea: Do you ever struggle to make the right decision? There are hundreds if not thousands of decisions we have to make every day as dads and kids. Sometimes the choice can be easy because we see the difference between right and...

2000 West 800 South, Lafayette, IN, 47909
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Feb 9, 8:00 AM

Big Idea: Everyone has influence. Influence means that you make a unique impact on the people around you. You can use that influence to add value to the people around you. You can be a leader in every arena of life by using your...

2000 West 800 South, Lafayette, IN, 47909

Questions about an upcoming meeting, location or anything else related to the Mintonye Elementary School chapter? Use this form to get in touch with the Team Captain.


2000 West 800 South, Lafayette, IN, 47909